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Wenzhou Bingzhou  refrigeration equipment manufacturing Co., LTD. Is a company specializing in the production of high quality refrigeration equipment enterprise company integrates design, production, sales and maintenance service is a body comprehensive enterprise.

This company specialized production changes in temperature seafood machines, industrial chillers, industrial cold oil machine, piece of ice machine, high low temperature test box, Marine air conditioning; Undertake activities (civil) seafood pool, cold storage installation project. Throughout the hotel industry, chemical industry, laser, medical treatment, optical, printing, shoes industry, plastic, machinery, pharmacy, indoor farming, food processing and keeping fresh, etc. The company also may according to the customer request production of various types of special specifications of cold water chiller. And provide cooling water tower, water pumps and other auxiliary equipment and systems engineering design, installation and maintenance services.

The company is a unity friendly and experienced team, ensure perfect after-sale service. All the products of the company are adopts the high quality brand compressor, units are rigorous testing and commissioning process, make the products are not only beautiful shape, reasonable structure, stable quality, durable, and the quality and performance of products accord with country and all the industry standard. The aim of the company is to pursue excellence and to constantly improve the principle, to provide customers with high quality products and services, and constantly introduce excellent performance products and you together hand in hand to cooperate, create brilliant!

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